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Cooking, Pianos and Cute Girls


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A long time ago I took a cooking class.

It was pretty interesting, and I learned a lot of techniques.

The lady that taught it was VERY specific in her instructions.

About year later, I took another course from the same place.

Same type of food, but a different teacher.

This class was also pretty cool.

Different recipes, different classmates, different teacher.

I also learned a ton of stuff.

The second teacher was much less specific in her instructions.

The first teacher was kind of like a chemistry teacher.

Exact measurements, temperatures and times.

The second teacher, not so much.

Some of this, a bit of that, cook it till it's done, and Bob's your uncle.

You can imagine both types of instruction being useful in different situations.

Whenever doing something like cooking, or building simple things, specific instructions are generally preferred.

Especially if you are clueless, like I was the first time around.

But with some things, specific instructions are USELESS.

These are generally more complex things.

Things that involve other people.

With this, at best, any instruction MUST BE metaphorical.

For example, imagine you had a buddy that was FANTASTIC with the ladies.

A natural.

You asked him what to do, and he told you to "Just be yourself."

After all, this is EXACTLY what he does.

Since he's a natural, he doesn't need to consciously TRY anything.

He talks to the ladies just like he talks to anybody else.

Relaxed, confident, friendly.

At the same time, that advice sounds absolutely useless to somebody with social anxiety.

The idea of simply "being yourself" is terrifying.

Sure, you can be yourself when you talk to your close friends.

But that cute girl with a gorgeous smile?

How the heck are you supposed to "be yourself" around her?

Whenever we are trying to learn from metaphors, it requires a LOT of trial and error.

For example, supposed you wanted to learn to play the piano.

And somebody told you to practice until you "got a feel for it."

This is also a metaphor.

A metaphor whose meaning you would have to DISCOVER for yourself.

And the only way to discover that is to practice.

Pretty soon, you WOULD get a "feel for it."

You wouldn't need to use much of your conscious mind.

Look at the notes, and watch your fingers move up and down the keys.

EVERYTHING we learn has to be this way.

A metaphorical instruction.

Trial and error learning.

And finally mastery.

Of course, if you have LIMITING BELIEFS that is incredibly difficult.

Get rid of the limiting beliefs, and learning ANYTHING will be mechanical.

Learn How:


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