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There are plenty of rags to riches stories.

Carnegie is perhaps the most famous.

He came to states from Europe when he was a kid.

Before he was finished, he had a fortune that would be worth $200 billion today.

He worked any job he could find.

He learned anything he could.

He invested his money wisely.

Of course, luck also played a huge factor, as it inevitably does.

He came during the second Industrial Revolution.

When oil was a new thing.

He combined his intellect, his drive to succeed with being in the right place at the right time.

Once upon a time, there were only humans.

No houses, no tools, no clothing.

Every single thing that exists today was first an imagined thing.

Either an individual or a collective hallucination.

A group of ancient hunters sat around, night after night.

Wondering if there wasn't an EASIER way to get stuff.

They kept coming up with better and better ideas.

Every single thing that exists today comes from the brains of humans, the actions of humans and the stuff that naturally exists.

Even today, the same basic process works.

If you are sitting at home watching TV, for example.

You might imagine a sandwich you've NEVER eaten before.

When you combine that imagination with your action, you can CREATE it.

Of course, making a sandwich is pretty basic.

But EVERYTHING is basic once you learn how.

Once upon a time you didn't know how to make a sandwich.

Once upon a time you didn't know how to do ANY of the stuff you can do.

You might imagine a time ten or twenty years in the future where you can do WAY more stuff than you can do now.

So long as you are willing to keep learning, you'll keep IMPROVING your skills.

There is, however, one thing that can KEEP you from moving into bigger and better futures.

Self imposed limitations.

These are in the form of limiting beliefs.

Beliefs that you accepted when you were younger.

This is essentially the difference between guys like Carnegie and normal people.

For whatever reason, guys like Carnegie and other super successful people had VERY LITTLE internal limitations.

That is a very important, very critical element of their success.

While none of us can do much about our EXTERNAL limitations (it'd be a bit too late to become an oil baron), we can do quite a bit to REMOVE our internal limitations.

Do this and you'll be surprised.

Learn How:


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