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I am a customer and fan of your products. While 100k a month hasn't yielded that exact result yet, I can confirm that my overall income is up and my thinking regarding business and finances continues to expand as I use it and a few other products to program my thinking.

As I continue along my journey of self development I want to use your 100K a month, cult leader, and business genius with a few tweaks. How much would you charge for a custom subliminal that combines these files plus something around being being healthy and exercising? My key caveat is that instead of affirmations, I want afformations, where the affirmations are phrased as questions. For example, instead of "I easily earn over $100,000 a month," use "Why do I easily earn over $100,000 a month?" or "How do I easily earn over $100,000 a month?"

Ultimately, I want to

1. Be a world-class high performing entrepreneur, investor, and humanitarian using my natural creativity, talents, and abilities to build multiple streams of perpetual income that earn me a net income of more than $100,000 a month, by helping and creating value for others;

2. Be a masterful father, husband, and lover;

3. Be healthy and fit, exercising regularly to have the body of a greek god.


I'm already working towards these goals, I just want to combine your subliminal products re-written as afformations to continue to focus my mind on all that I want to achieve. I look forward to your reply.

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Custom sessions are not available at this time.

Consider that the visualizations and intentions you use while listening are MUCH more important than the statements themselves.

In fact, the idea of getting the perfect, ideal set of affirmations will tend to slow you down.

By giving the affirmations MORE weight than your thinking, actions, learnings, intentions, etc.,  you'll be slowing yourself down.

The ABSOLUTE BEST thing you can do to INCREASE your movement toward your goal is to TAKE MORE ACTION, get more feedback,  and then use that feedback to take BETTER action.

Actual feedback will give your subconscious much more "information" than any affirmations.

The affirmations you have now are sufficient SO LONG as you match them with highly emotional intentions and visualizations.

As you succeed, your intentions and visualizations can change and STILL BE supported by the same affirmations.

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Thanks for getting back to me. I am sorry to hear that custom sessions are not available at this time.

Thank you for the in-depth response regarding taking action and visualizations. I will continue to take action in the direction of my goals. Visualization is something I do not do much of. I listen as I do other things (commute, read, work, etc) and while I sleep at night. 

If custom sessions do become available, I am interested and willing to pay in advance. I think that 256 voices of afformations would be very powerful.

Best regards,


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mr.Hutton good afternoon from Greece,

Lately i ve been listening to Masterpua,a 5$ session 256 voices at once,very powerful.I have some issues,i think that one of the affirmations opened my psychic abilities and i am seeing terrifying things.The affirmation is "i am master of psychic and shamanic love making techniques".

I can't even sleep and i am afraid even in my own house.I have never seen these monsters in my mind again.What i have to do stop it?Is this possible my psychic abilities be opened up by this?Sometimes, even i feel exhausted.

I am seeing big lizards with human form to look at me.What are those things man?I am crazy?I am 33 years old doing kick boxing and a master in business admin.Please help.


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Chances are the monsters you are seeing are a representation of deeper fears. The best thing to do is embrace them, don't give in to your fears. 


Practice when you are not really seeing or sensing them. Close your eyes and imagine they are near you, realize they cannot hurt you, and simply accept them as they are.

Start with a couple seconds, then slightly increase the time. Go slow. Be consistent.


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