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There's this Japanese lady who has become pretty famous recently.

I don't know much about her.

I haven't read any of her books of watched her show.

But her concept seems pretty simple.

And pretty old.

Clean up your living space.

Toss out clutter, etc.

I recall a desk sign from about twenty years ago saying that a cluttered desk was a sign of a cluttered mind.

Or maybe it was that a cluttered desk was a sign of genius.

It's been a pretty common idea for a while that a way to "refresh" yourself is to rearrange the furniture.

Toss out the old stuff.

A rule of thumb is you haven't used anything in over a year, then it's safe to toss in the junk pile.

Having a more spacious area where you spend most of your time can help your thinking.

There's also the idea of "re-inventing" yourself.

This is essentially what people do when they go shopping.

At least on a superficial level.

They say clothes make the man.

So you change your clothes, and you'll change how you feel.

I had a friend once who had studied Aikido for several years.

I asked him how it changed how he viewed social situations.

He said it allowed him to read "energy" a lot better.

Aikido is unique in that it's mainly defensive.

Using your opponents energy against him.

My friend said gave him much deeper insight into social situations.

He could sense bad things happening before they unfolded.

So he could leave before they got bad.

This represents how something simple like learning a different set of skills can shape how you view your reality.

There was a similar scene in Fight Club.

After the two characters started fighting, they noted how it allowed them to "see" other people through a different frame.

A much deeper way to do this is change how you THINK.

When you change your level of skill, it indirectly changes how you think.

But you CAN change how you think directly.

This requires taking time to review early memories.

Foundational memories which make up who you are.

Once you find them, you can change what they mean.

So you keep the same memories, but you can use them much more effectively.

This will change your belief structure.

Which will change how you view the world.

It takes time, but you can do this very privately.

And safely.

Nobody needs to know but you.

Which means you can see this as your very private, very secret weapon.

Learn How:


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