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Most people have heard about the four levels of learning.

Unconscious incompetence, when you don't know you suck.

Conscious incompetence, when you know that you suck.

Conscious competence, when you don't suck, but you've got to use all your brain power to not suck.

Then unconscious competence, where you can do it fairly well without needing to think.

Many things that we learn come through these four categories.

Tying your shoes, writing, driving, riding a bicycle, making a burrito.

But there are some skills we come pre-programmed with.

Like communication is a skill that we become unconsciously competent at without ever needing to think.

We learn to speak before we are fully conscious.

But if you were to learn another language, you'd have to go through the four stages.

But you can also take something that already exists at the level of unconscious competence, and bring it back up to the level of conscious competence, and make it better.

This is essentially what actors do.

They take their natural, unconscious speaking patterns and consciously practice them.

You can also do this with things like persuasion and seduction.

Take your natural communication strategies, bring them up to the level of conscious competence, practice them until they are much more effective.

Then drop them back down to the level of unconscious competence.

This is the natural process when you take any skill, and improve it through practice.

For most skills, there is no upper limit to the level of unconsciously competence.

The more you practice, the better you get.

Beliefs are similar, but a bit different.

Beliefs are exactly skills.

But they affect many other skills.

Beliefs are like language, in that we learned them much before we were fully conscious humans.

But very much like learning to speak better, you can learn to "believe better."

How do you do this?

More or less the same way.

Do some work to find and examine your old beliefs.

Rebuild them until they are better and more appropriate.

Then practice believing them, until they drop back down to the level of unconscious competence.

The thing about beliefs is they affect MANY different skills.

So if you target the right beliefs, they will create a kind of domino effect on your skills.

Find them, rebuild them, practice them, and drop them back down.

Once this happens, a LOT of things will become much easier and much more effective.

Learn How:


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