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Beliefs and Burger Baskets


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To get rid of limiting beliefs, you first need to find them.

One way is to make a couple of assumptions.

That the way beliefs manifest themselves in how your life IS.

Not how you imagine it MIGHT be, but how it is.

This can be tricky.

Because one way we cover up limiting beliefs is by pretending we don't have them.

This happens mainly in social situations.

If you see an attractive person across the room, and you exchange some flirty non-verbal behavior.

If you DON'T approach, it's rare to admit that you are limited by your fears.

And those fears are generated by your limiting beliefs.

It's much more common to deceive ourselves.

And say things like we could if we wanted to, but we just don't really want to.

One way to test this is if that person approached you.

If that person did all the work.

If you would accept THAT, but you wouldn't walk over there yourself, there is a GOOD chance you've got some beliefs keeping you stuck.

How SHOULD you feel?

How COULD you feel without any limiting beliefs?

Imagine you're at a bar, and you went up and ordered some food.

And you're sitting there with your friends.

And the waitress puts the food on the bar.

You get up, walk over, grab your food and come back to your friends.

This is the same ACTION, of walking over and getting something.

This is how things feel when there are NO limiting beliefs.

Without limiting beliefs, you'd be able to look across the room, see an interesting person and walk over with JUST as much confidence as you would grabbing a basket of burgers.

The same goes with making money.

If you've ever seen girl scouts selling cookies, they aren't usually frozen with fear as they go door to door.

For them, it's pretty fun.

They even stand outside of supermarkets with stacks of cookies.

On the other hand, imagine if you tried selling insurance door to door.

The only difference is how you feel about it.

People that really need insurance are relieved when they have it.

The ONLY DIFFERENCE is inside your head.

The beliefs you are carrying around.

The beliefs that were formed when you were very young.

First, you need to find them.

Then undo them.

Then rewrite them.

Then everything will be fun and easy.

Learn How:


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