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One of Cialdini's important laws is called "Commitment and Consistency."

It's kind of complex how it works, especially from a persuasion standpoint.

It's the idea behind sales funnels.

You buy a product for $3.

Then you buy another product for $19 from the same place.

Then you buy another one for $49.

Sales funnels use this PLUS scarcity.

Each additional sales is a "one time offer."

So they are combining TWO of Cialdini's laws.

The law of Commitment and Consistency (you already bought one, so one more is consistent) and Scarcity (one time offer)..

If you study Cialdini, you'll find the seven laws being used in nearly all advertising.

Usually in clever combinations.

The Holy Grail of advertising is to create FOMO.

Fear of missing out.

This usually involves at least THREE Cialdini laws.

Most of the time FOMO happens organically and spontaneously.

If it does, it's a marketers dream come true.

You get a bunch of goofs on TV talking about some product.

This gives you authority.

Then all your friends are talking about that product.

This gives you social proof.

Then you realize that these products are hard to get.

This gives you scarcity.

All these add up to FOMO.

Meaning if you WAIT, the products will be GONE.

And all your friends will have one, except for you.

This is the same psychology behind market bubbles.

Everybody is buying, and the price keeps going up.

Higher and higher prices mean that LOWER prices are getting scarcer and scarcer.

Warren Buffet famously said that when your idiot next door neighbor is getting rich, you can be sure you're in a market bubble.

Many of Cialdini laws play out in VERY interesting and complicated ways.

One of them is that the older we get, the more set in our ways we become.

This is Commitment and Consistency in action.

Doing NEW things requires a lot of brain power.

We don't like using brain power if we don't have to.

But some things we keep even if they don't quite "work."

This is how our limiting beliefs are formed.

We took on a belief when we were very young.

It was formed from a protective, defensive standpoint.

But as adults, they no longer support us.

They do the opposite.

They KEEP US from doing what we want.

But unless we find them, DISPROVE them, and then rewrite them, they'll keep working.

The process not that different, structurally, from rebuilding an engine.

It's a pain to take it apart and put it back together.

But once it's back together, it's faster, stronger and much more powerful.

Do this with any belief you want.

So you can do any behavior you want.

Learn How:


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