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Our language, and our world, is more filled with metaphors than we realize.

Problems happen when we mistake metaphor for reality.

So long as we are using metaphors to talk ABOUT something, they're fine.

But if we are trying to use metaphors as guiding principles, that's when we run into trouble.

The red car idea is a common way to describe our filters.

How we separate the important stuff from all the noise.

For example, somebody doesn't notice all the red cars.

Then they buy a red car.

Then they suddenly notice all the red cars.

Before, they didn't think red cars were important, so their subconscious filtered them out.

Once they bought one, red cars became important.

Their subconscious filters were re-calibrated.

But it would be a mistake to think that their subconscious CREATED the red cars.

This is why sometimes when we visualize on things we want, we can see evidence.

But sometimes we can't.

The difference is NOT the strength of our visualizations.

The difference is some things are ALREADY THERE around us.

Only when we start to visualize them, see SEE them.

We SEE what is already there.

To imagine you can use your brain to make things MAGICALLY appear is a mistake.

This is an example of MIS-UNDERSTANDING the metaphor.

Because this metaphor can also be used to "describe" the law of attraction.

But the word, "attraction," is not TECHNICALLY correct.

Because you are not ATTRACTING anything.

Your mind cannot LITERALLY pull objects from space.

Another problem happens when metaphors are about processes.

Specifically learning processes.

For example, you see a cute girl across the room.

Somebody says, "Just go up to her and be yourself."

What, EXACTLY, does that mean, "be yourself"?

How can you ever NOT be yourself?

Is it even an option to NOT be yourself?

Like transform into Iron Man or something?

When one human wants to communicate a PROCESS to another person, it MUST be done metaphorically.

Then it's up to the receiver, to take that metaphor and apply their OWN trial and error learning to MAKE SENSE of that metaphor.

So you might hear the advice to "be yourself."

Then you try a different versions of "being yourself."

Until you figure out what the means, from your own SUBJECTIVE viewpoint.

Then when you achieve success by "being yourself," you can now give that same advice to somebody else.

This is how ALL learning must happen.

First with a metaphorical description.

Then when trial and error experience to DEFINE that metaphorical description for yourself.

But there is one HUGE barrier to this simple process.

And that is the collection of limiting beliefs we all carry around with us.

But once you GET RID OF these negative beliefs, learning ANYTHING will be simple.




Get Started:


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