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Pitchers And Horse Races


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If you're a baseball fan, then you know players are pretty superstitious.

Especially when they are on a streak.

This is most interesting when a pitcher is six or seven innings into a no-hitter or a perfect game.

They, and all the other players, start to act very carefully.

They are afraid of messing up the string of good luck.

I had a friend once.

We were at the racetrack.

We had chosen the sixth horse in the sixth race.

Something had happened that day six times.

We thought this meant we were GUARANTEED to win.

But then RIGHT BEFORE the race started, that same thing (that had happened six times up till that point) happened a SEVENTH time.

Of course, we LOST the race.

My friend was absolutely CERTAIN the reason we lost was because of that seventh, last second event.

Despite our strong affinity for our alleged logic and rationality, we can be incredibly illogical.

It's very likely this helped us way back in the day.

Making snap decisions, even if they are wrong, are very helpful in a harsh environment.

Especially where ONE mistake can get you ejected from the gene pool.

But life today is WAY more complicated.

So we have WAY more chances of making erroneous connections.

Now, when things like this happen at the racetrack, it's pretty funny.

But if you are a pitcher and you've got a perfect game on the line, even though your rational mind may question the whole idea of luck, BEHAVING as if it exists may even be helpful.

It helps you focus.

It keeps your mind clear of external thoughts.

But sometimes it has the opposite effect.

Especially when we make FALSE connections between events.

When we are young.

From a time when we can't remember.

This is EXTREMELY frustrating.

We don't know HOW or WHY these beliefs were created.

We don't even really know what they are.

All we know is when we try and get certain things, we feel anxious, nervous, frustrated.

Which makes it nearly IMPOSSIBLE to get what we want.

For a pitcher, these goofy beliefs can HELP.

Since they are created in the moment, and can help in the moment.

But since our beliefs were ideas put into our brains when we were very YOUNG, and still act as if they are valid, there doesn't seem much we can do.

Turns out, though, that there is.

Because all limiting beliefs have the same basic STRUCTURE.

And when you take apart the structure, it will have a powerful effect.

The result will be an elimination of anxiety and frustration.

Learn How:


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