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Stop Working and Coast Downhill


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Resistance can come in many forms.

When you are exercising, resistance is welcome.

For example, they have those stair climbing machines at the gym.

You can watch the hill profile as you are working out.

The feeling of switching from uphill to downhill feels pretty good.

When you are purposely working uphill, just so you can go downhill, this is also pretty fun.

I used to do a lot of cycling.

And I lived in an area that had a LOT of hills.

Very long and winding hills.

One particular loop ended with the perfect long downhill.

No lights, no cross streets.

And it flattened out for a about half a mile at the bottom BEFORE there was an interaction.

The fastest I ever got coasting down this hill was 53 MPH.

This was when you start to get those "death wobbles."

I did have a helmet, but had I crashed, it wouldn't have been pretty.

Resistance is fantastic when you can anticipate it.

When you can use it.

But it absolutely SUCKS when you don't know where it's coming from.

Like once a buddy and me were riding.

His brakes weren't adjusted, so they were slightly holding him back.

Not enough so that it was obvious, but enough to make him have to work harder than he needed to.

Even worse is when you have resistance but you don't know it.

This is how beliefs mess us up.

They create emotional resistance.

Since it's vague and unconscious, it comes across as general anxiety.

And since so many people have the same general social anxiety, we ASSUME it's normal.

This is a very bad assumption to accept.

Sure, it might be NORMAL, in that everybody has it.

But so is metabolic syndrome.

Just because something is NORMAL doesn't mean it's ACCEPTABLE.

And luckily, getting rid of social anxiety is much easier than getting rid of metabolic syndrome.

All it takes is some introspection, some journaling and an understanding of HOW your brain works.

Namely, how it links cause and effect.

All irrational fears are based on an INCORRECT connection between two events.

Once you dig into your brain and UNLINK these incorrectly linked cause-effect events, you'll RELEASE a lot of internal resistance.

It will be JUST as noticeable as shifting from riding UPHILL to riding DOWNHILL.

When translated into social situations, this means any feelings of social anxiety will be shifted into social excitement.

Shyness will be shifted to outgoing confidence.

Once you learn how, life can be much more enjoyable.

Get Started:



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