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Transferable Pizza Response


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When a little kid touches a hot stove, they learn quickly that stoves are dangerous.

The way this exists in their brain is as a cause-effect relationship.

The see the stove, and that becomes the cause.

The effect is the memory of the unexpected pain.

Of course, as kids grow up, they learn to NOT be afraid of stoves.

This is a natural process.

They learn that stoves are tools, and not animate objects.

They learn the stoves as tools RESPOND to how WE decide to operate them.

They watch mom make cookies.

They help mom make cookies.

They make cookies themselves.

All of these NEW experiences serve to OVER WRITE the previous, scary experiences.

When this happens naturally, the kid will grow up and NOT REMEMBER being afraid of the stove.

The positive experiences with the stove are more numerous and more recent.

This same strategy can be used to re-write any other belief.

It involves taking what happens naturally, bringing it up to the conscious awareness, and then RE-WRITING it.

This is how we can learn to IMPROVE any kind of behavior.

We take a collection of subconscious and automatic behaviors.

We bring them up to the conscious level.

We re-program our conscious behaviors.

We practice those NEW conscious behaviors.

We practice them until the NEW behaviors are back "down" to the level of unconscious competence.

Then we can switch back into auto pilot mode.

With kids and stoves, this entire process happens automatically.

For other things, this is more conscious.

Sports, music, martial arts, even speaking and presenting oneself with more confidence and charisma.

But the same collection of techniques can be applied to how we see the world.

How we think about the world.

How we think about ourselves in the world.

And just like the stove, the world can transition from a SCARY place that we are afraid of, to a TOOL that will obey our commands.

Just like the stove.

But since the world around us, and all the people in it, are much more flexible than a stove, you can learn to think ANYTHING you want about the world.

And find plenty of PROOF that support those new beliefs.

You take any response from any event, and re-write your beliefs so you can feel that SAME response in any other event.

How do you feel when the pizza guy rings your doorbell?

Happy and excited.

How do you feel when your favorite TV show or movie is about to start?

With time and practice, you can feel that way AUTOMATICALLY in any situation you want.

Learn How:


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