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Imagine learning something easy, like juggling.

Juggling is a common thing to learn in many self-development seminars.

It's kind of "proof" that you can learn something new.

It's difficult enough so that when you CAN juggle, you get kind of an excited feeling.

That, "I never thought I'd be able to do this feeling."

But it's also easy enough to learn in an hour or so.

So long as you practice with enough focus.

Even better is if you can get up and perform in front of the other seminar attendees.

This gives you an "experience" of not only learning a skill you didn't have before, but being able to PERFORM that skill in front of others.

Of course, if you wanted to make a living as a juggler, you'd have to have some VERY impressive skills.

Which would take a LOT of practice.

You'd have to pretty much practice for several hours a day.

Nobody really thinks they COULDN'T do this.

Most people look at juggling as something that pretty much ANYBODY could learn, given enough time.

This is why it's a convenient way to "prove" you can "do" anything.

But consider this added bit of complexity.

Suppose somebody gave you an offer.

One you could either ACCEPT or REFUSE.

The offer was this:

You have one week to learn to juggle three eggs.

If you can juggle three eggs for one minute, WIHTOUT dropping them, you'd get a million dollars.

BUT if you dropped any of the eggs, they would torture you to death.

Would you accept this offer?

Success would mean a million dollars.

Failure would mean a slow and painful death.

Most rational people would not.

Having that FEAR in your brain would make it TERRIFYING to practice.

And even if you COULD perform during practice, when it came time for the actual test, you'd be WAY too nervous.

Unfortunately, most of the stuff we WANT to learn how to do is much more complicated than juggling a few bean bags in a seminar.

Most involve interacting with other people.

Which means it involves our deep and very IRRATIONAL fears.

So we feel that even though success would be AWESOME, failure would be very much like death.

We don't RATIONALLY believe we'll die.

But subconsciously we sure do.

This is why most people would RATHER die than speak in public.

The truth is that between where you are NOW, and the things you want, lies a seemingly HUGE chasm.

What is it that you want?

If you're like most normal humans, it involves money, sex, relationships, and other pleasant social situations.

The actual skills you need a pretty easy.

Easier than juggling.

But the IRRATIONAL fear must be taken care of.

How can you do that?

Learn Here:


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