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Useful Energy Metaphors


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Most people absolutely hate getting fat.

Nobody ever tries to get fat.

Except maybe a few actors who need to get into character.

Once, Milton Erickon had a patient who was convinced she couldn't change her weight.

Milton told her to purposely gain weight.

She thought he was crazy, but she did any way.

Through his hypnotic genius, he convinced her that losing weight wasn't really that much different than gaining weight.

This, of course, isn't true for most people.

But Milton recognized her weight problem was tied to feeling an absolute lack of control over ANY part of her body.

For that particular patient, he recognized that once she proved to herself that she could gain weight on purpose, losing weight on purpose would be the next logical step.

This was one of the reasons why Erickson was such a genius.

He could talk to somebody and know the PRECISE detail of their unique problem.

And give them a quick, custom made solution, all wrapped up in a messed up story.

But when you think about gaining and losing weight in general, it's really a BEAUTIFUL system.

It's kind of hard to see that now, but think about ancient humans.

Whenever we saw food, we ate as much as we could.

And our bodies would naturally store the extra energy.

The more energy we had stored in the tank, the longer we could go without needing to fill up again.

This is very much like a family on a long road trip.

The bigger the tank, the more energy they can store.

Whenever they see a gas station, they stop and fill up.

In our natural, ancient habitat, adding to our energy stores is the same as spending from our energy stores.

We GAIN fat just as easily as we BURN fat.

Of course, this is based on a lot of other circumstances that aren't very common today.

The food was much more natural.

And we were much more active.

But this metaphor, of finding, storing and using energy, can be found everywhere.

The entire EXPLOSION in population after the Industrial Revolution was MAINLY because we finally figured out HOW to use fossil fuels.

Which represented a MASSIVE AMOUNT of energy.

Another HUGE discovery in human history was the use of fire.

Another way to get MASSIVE energy out of wood and other burnable material.

But the most METAPHYSICAL form of energy is money.

You can make, it you can store it, you can spend it.

The more you have, the longer you can go without needing more.

This is the main DRIVING FORCE behind all human inventions.

The more you get in THAT game, the more you can fulfil your human purpose.

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