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The One Thought Before All Money


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Evolutionary biologists tell us there are four kinds of trade programmed into our brain.

1) We exchange two things now.

2) We give (or get) something from somebody, and they owe us (or we owe them).

3) We give a tribal leader his due.

4) And we share equally among family members.

Even lower animals can keep track of who owes what to whom.

They've done all kinds of studies, and they find this behavior, of keeping tabs of each others debt, in primates, pigs and bats.

So the idea of debt is build deeply into our DNA.

So is the idea of taxes.

The idea that we give the boss what the boss asks, in exchange for the leadership the boss provides, is instinctive.

And the idea of collecting taxes shows up in every large society that has ever existed on Earth.

And when you have more or less the SAME societal structures popping up in Mesopotamia in 2000 BC and then later in Meso-America in 500 AD, it's something that comes from inside our brains.

The idea of money also comes from inside our brains.

It doesn't need to be taught, or invented.

Every time you get a group of people together, they come with a kind of money.

Money represents a kind of meta-level idea of owing something to somebody.

It's a kind of debt that can be transferred.

Somebody gives you something, and you can either owe them, or give them an accepted form of money.

So long as everybody accepts this form of currency, it works very much like potential energy.

Farmers can use to pay their workers.

The workers can use it to buy bread.

All require energy.

All can be traded for "money-energy."

Ever since humans invented this money energy, the stuff people invented exploded.

Once upon a time there was only people and the stuff that grew naturally.

Once they figured out how to DELIBERATELY grow enough stuff to feed a lot more people, that's when money popped up.

And once this happened, a new thought popped into everybody's head.

What thought is this?

"If I can figure out how to make something that EVERYBODY wants, I can get a LOT of money. If I can get a LOT of money, I never have to work again!"

This same thought has driven every society to keep inventing more and more stuff.

This is the SAME thought that will drive YOU to create a huge empire of wealth, if you allow it.

Learn How:


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