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Natural selection is a very powerful idea.

It's similar to split testing.

If you tried out different ad campaigns in different zip codes, for example.

Suppose you had eight different zip codes.

And you had eight slightly different adverts for each zip code.

You could easily see which ad was best, based on the sales you got.

You wouldn't even need to know much about psychology.

Once you found the best one, out of the eight, you could just make variations on that one.

Or imagine if you opened a sandwich shop.

You could spend tons of money on market research.

Hire an expensive consulting firm to go door to door and see which kind of sandwiches people eat.

Or you could just sell a bunch of different sandwiches, and see which ones sold the most.

Keep selling more of those.

Keep selling less of the others.

When this happens in nature, it's spontaneous and organic.

That's why it's called "natural selection."

But you'll see this same strategy EVERYWHERE.

Because it's so effective.

Consider a venture capitalist.

He's got a couple hundred million to invest.

Does he need to be able to understand the deep undercurrents of the economy, or the future political winds?

Not really.

He just needs to invest a couple million in twenty or thirty different companies.

Thirty companies times two million is sixty million dollars.

If ONE company hits it big, and he sells it for 100 million (which is VERY common) he makes his money back.

This is not only a very effective strategy, but it's also applicable in pretty much anywhere you want.

Take a guy who wants to become more seductive.

So long as he's willing to get out there and apply this strategy, he'll keep getting better.

How, specifically does he apply it?

The same way as the advertising campaign.

Try a bunch of DIFFERENT strategies and choose the one that works best.

Then try another set of winning strategies, which are variations on the previous winning strategy.

The more you apply this strategy, the better you get.

It also works in sales.

And in business.

It is also how we NATURALLY learn.

The more we get POSITIVE feedback, the more we'll REMEMBER what worked.

This is the natural way we humans develop better and better skills.

When you apply this to making money, it's a perfect match.

Whatever your job is, whatever job you want, whatever business you want to start, do SOMETHING.

Every time you do SOMETHING, you'll get valuable feedback.

And if you point your successive attempts toward more money, you'll GET more money.

But only if you get rid of limiting money beliefs.

Learn How:


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