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Manifest Your Desires With Scientific Precision and Subconscious Magic

Unleash your TRUE Nature as a creator, transform thoughts into things, and turn your life into an unstoppable powerhouse of ever greater achievements.

Product Summary

  • Comprehensive Training Manual
  • Scientific Explanation of the LOA
  • Common Mistakes To Avoid
  • How To Leverage the Past
  • How To Leverage the Future
  • Proven Visualization Techniques
  • How To Easily Leverage The Collective Unconscious
  • The Ancient Truth of Life
  • SPECIFICALLY How To Live on Purpose
  • EXACTLY How to Become A Conscious Creator
  • Dual Induction Hypnosis Session to Broaden The Transition From Thoughts To Things
  • Metaphorical Journey Through Your Unconscious
  • Congruent Activator - How To Resonate With What You Want
  • How To Create Irresistible Magnetic Attraction Between You And Anything You Desire
  • Six Hours Of Affirmation Overwhelm Sessions
  • Program Right Thinking Deep Into Your Subconscious
  • Program Right Action Deep Into Your Automatic Behavior
  • 32 Voice - Instant Manifesting Session
  • Create The Life You Want

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If thoughts made stuff happen AUTOMATICALLY, then all airlines would always crash.


Manifesting takes quite a bit of preparation, and quite a bit of understanding ALL aspects of what you manifest


1) Present Positives


2) Future Positives


3) Present Negatives


4) Future Negatives


Unless you know ALL of these, it's very hard to manifest everything.


ADEQUATE PREPARATION is the missing ingredient in most cases.

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Obviously I'm not George and uh, darn it someone had a great metaphor for this the other day and now I've forgotten.  If I see it again or remember it I will share it.  I can think of one sort of example, maybe two.  Let's say there is a party and within that party different people can be having very different experiences of the same party.  Maybe one person is feeling like a wallflower and nobody is talking with them, maybe another person is being the life and soul of the party and lots of people are interacting with them.  Someone eats the food and loves the food, another person tries it and hates it because it's not their kind of food and so on.  Also, I know my next example is happening at two different times but someone might happen to interact with a person when they are in a bad mood and another person might catch the same person on a good day.  Here's another one, someone knocks over a vase while person X is in the kitchen and the mess is tidied up by the time X comes out of the kitchen and it looks normal.  So the person in the kitchen might perceive that the vase was never knocked over because in THEIR "reality" it never was.  So I THINK it's possible to create things that do affect others' realities and also things that don't that WE perceive and they don't.  

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