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Elephants and Bread Pans


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There are a lot of metaphors that describe how beliefs are passed on.

One is about cooking something.

There was a woman that was cooking a loaf of bread.

And she was using a very small pan.

Somebody asked her why, and she said she didn't know.

She just always did it that way.

Then with a few simple questions, they (the lady and person she was talking to) figured it out.

Her mom had told her that you had to use a specific pan.

So when she grew up, she always used a specific pan.

But then they found out that the mom used that specific pan because it was the ONLY pan they had.

Because they were poor.

The mom would say, "OK, when you make bread, you HAVE to use this pan."

When the mom said that, she meant you have to use this pan because it's the only pan we have.

But the daughter didn't understand the reason.

She only remembered that pan was the one you had to use when you made bread.

But then when she realized that the reason behind the reason had changed (e.g. as an adult she could afford all kinds of pans) then the reason didn't matter any more.

When you are too poor to afford more than one pan, you have to use that pan.

But if you only know the surface reason (you have to use this pan) and NOT the reason behind the reason, you keep using it when the reason behind the reason (too poor to afford another pan), isn't true anymore.

This is kind of like the elephant who's tied up as a kid.

But as an adult, the rope isn't needed.

The reason behind the reason is the rope.

But all the elephant knows is he can't go very far.

Unfortunately, these metaphors only work in illustrating HOW limiting beliefs can work.

In the case of the pan, it's easy to CONSCIOUSLY understand the reason, and the reason behind the reason.

Most of our beliefs are not so easy.

But they are JUST as limiting.

Knowing you're too poor to afford pan is something that's EASY to understand and explain.

But our deeper beliefs are not only subconscious for US, but they were subconscious to the people who taught them.

So it will take some effort to uncover them and reverse them.

The most insidious of these are limiting money beliefs.

But the flip side is once you find these and remove them, making money will be JUST LIKE making bread.

Conscious, mechanical, and step by step.

Learn How:



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