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Time Travel Money Theory


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There are plenty of pretty good time travel movies.

My favorite is one called "Primer."

This is a fantastic example of the writing advice, that you should "show," rather than tell.

More mainstream and Hollywood type movies pretty much dumb everything WAY down.

There was another movie where a couple of scientists were going toward the center of the earth, to reverse the rotation.

And they were arguing over something you'd learn in high school physics.

Primer wasn't like that.

You actually have to watch it a few times to fully understand the time travel theory that is in the movie.

These are the best kinds of movies.

Where you can watch them over and over and get something different each time.

Time travel has ALWAYS been a common fantasy.

Because all of us make mistakes.

Or wish we could have done something different.

A very common adult idea is being able to go back and relive a certain period of youth.

"If I would've known then what I know now..."

Other time travel movies are pure comedy.

And they almost ALWAYS have some kind of "using time travel to get rich" angle.

Like in one of the "Back To The Future" movies where one of the characters went back and made a fortune betting on sports.

Or in "Hot Tub Time Machine," where one of the guys actually invented Google.

Or on the TV show, "Lost," where one guy wanted to write Star Wars before anybody else did.

All of these ideas involve going BACK and redoing something.

But it IS possible, kind of, to leverage the idea of the unknown future.

One of my favorite lines from Star Trek (which also involved some kind of time travel) was when Scotty was talking to another engineer.

Scotty told the captain the ship could go a certain speed.

But this was LESS than the full speed.

With the other engineer asked him why, Scotty gave the obvious answer:

"Never tell the captain how fast the ship will REALLY go!"

Which means it's always good to hold something back.

You can combine this idea with an unknown future.


By living within your means.

I know, that sounds pretty boring.

But so long as you save a little cushion, you can be prepared for the UNKNOWN.

You can protect against unknown calamity.

And you can also buy cool things AS THEY ARE INVENTED.

Think about this when you're saving a few dollars a month.

That you're saving up for future inventions.

Because you KNOW that they WILL keep inventing cool stuff.

Once you can wrap your mind around what money REALLY is, you'll be amazed at the stuff inside your brain.

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