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Why Ford Left His Farm


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Everybody loves buying stuff.

Especially something you've wanted for a while.

When I got my first job in high school, I wanted to build a stereo system.

So each paycheck I bought one more component.

(This was WAY back in the day before MP3 players.)

Amp/tuner, turntable, cassette deck, equalizer, big speakers.

Each Friday I looked forward to getting my check, depositing it and going to the stereo store.

And luckily enough, my first job was a lot of fun.

Me and a bunch of other high school and college kids working at a movie theater.

All the bosses were in college, everybody else was in high school or college.

The big boss was never around.

So it was essentially a non-stop party.

Making money was fun, and spending money was fun.

This is how it CAN be.

It's how it SHOULD be.

Every time you make money, you are combining your unique skills and experiences in a way that other people appreciate.

You do something, and other people pay you.

They like GIVING you the money, because they like what you GAVE them in exchange.

This is how societies have functioned ever since they invented agriculture.

This is WHY people gravitate to large cities.

For example, Henry Ford left the farm and went to the city because living on the farm was so BORING.

By the time he was a young adult, he'd already applied his skills as much as he could.

Taking apart people's watches and putting them back together.

Big cities have more people.

More people have more needs.

More needs require more skills to satisfy those needs.

Satisfying more needs creates more economic activity.

Which attracts more people.

Of course, this is nice in theory.

Reality is much different.

Because for many people, making money is difficult.

Just thinking about it creates a TON of anxiety.

Because making money also comes with a ton of limiting beliefs.

And it turns out that negative money beliefs aren't so simple.

They are passed down subconsciously and organically.

Often for generations.

But with a little mental work, you can get rid of them.

And once you eliminate negative money beliefs, making money will be the way it should be.

An essential function of human nature.

The more you express your natural skills and gifts, the more money you'll make.

And the more people will appreciate your contributions.

Learn How:


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