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Chess Computer Battle Metaphor


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A few months back they had a new chess computer.

Called "Deep Learning," it wasn't really a chess computer.

More a "meta computer."

Up until that point, the only way to build a chess computer was to program it to play chess.

Meaning you had to give it algorithms to reference from any position.

So when the computer saw a opponent's position, it had to calculate all the potential moves.

But doing that, "calculating all the potential moves," had to be programmed in.

Meaning somebody had to put in all the rules and algorithms based on each potential position.

But the new "Deep Learning" algorithm was much more meta.

They just gave this computer the rules of chess and told it to play against itself.

To essentially learn from trial and error.

And when they finally played each other, it wasn't even close.

The Deep Learning computer obliterated the then FASTEST and BEST chess engine.

Essentially this was TWO STYLES of learning.

The old way of, "Tell me exactly what to do in each situation."

Against the new way of "learn by trial and error."

The first way is very compelling to most of us.

Because it REMOVES all the risk.

And it absolves us of responsibility.

If we are TOLD exactly what to do, and we do that, AND it doesn't work, it's NOT our fault.

Since we were doing EXACTLY what we were told.

Sadly, many people would prefer to be told what to do, step by step, and live a life of mediocrity.

So long as they never have to take a risk, and never take much responsibility, they are OK with that.

If you want more, you've got to do more.

Luckily, all humans come PROGRAMMED with tons of learn by trial and error algorithms.

We are much more like the new, MORE POWERFUL computer.

But this requires we don't have any anxieties or fears about what we are learning to do.

Learning by trail and error in this situations is generally called PRACTICE.

That's exactly what you are doing when practicing free throws, or practicing the piano, or practicing solving algebra problems.

Practicing IS learning by trial and error.

Only when we think in terms of practicing in social situations does it start to get kind of scary.

Which is almost always what we think about when we think about making money.

But you can practice making money skills just as easily as you can practice piano or basketball skills.

And once you REMOVE the anxiety and social fears, it will be JUST LIKE practicing anything else.

The more you practice, the better you get.

The better you get, the more money you make.

As long as you want, as much as you want.

Once you remove the negative beliefs, it's purely mechanical.

Learn How:


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