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How To Find Money Opportunities


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I read an interesting article the other day.

About strange ways to make money.

For example, you can make $400 a month selling plasma.

Or, if you qualify, (which is hard according to the article) you can make a few grand a month selling your sperm.

Another goofy article talked about a woman who makes $40K a year being a professional "cuddler."

Kind of a strange job, but it doesn't seem to take much.

Except being able to cuddle strangers all day.

If you look, you can find plenty of ways to make money.

These are just a couple strange ideas that I noticed recently.

But you won't find them if you don't look.

Unfortunately, having negative money beliefs will keep you from seeing what is out there.

This comes across via cognitive dissonance.

Our subconscious won't let us notice something that contradicts our beliefs about ourselves.

The most common limiting belief about money is a feeling of unworthiness.

This is not something that we can consciously recognize.

In fact, quite the opposite.

We ONLY do things that are inside our comfort zone.

And our comfort zone is defined but what we feel worthy doing.

We don't feel worthy outside of our comfort zone.

But even ADMITTING that we feel unworthy is nearly impossible.

Our subconscious does plenty of mental gymnastics to keep us safe.

But if you SLIGHTLY decrease your negative beliefs, and SLIGHTLY increase your feeling of worthiness, you will SLIGHTLY expand your comfort zone.

It's KIND OF like the red car effect, but much more complicated.

You don't notice any red cars until you buy one.

Then you buy one and you see them everywhere.

The same thing happens when you SLOWLY expand you comfort zone.

You'll slowly see more money OPPORTUNITIES.

Since these are opportunities, and not sacks of cash laying there in plain sight, you'll need to INTERACT with them.

Sometimes this might mean talking to people whom you don't normally talk to.

Or go places where you don't normally go.

Or read goofy articles about selling plasma that you don't normally read.

And you might even go to one of those plasma places.

And guess who you'd meet?

Other people who are ACTIVELY seeking interesting ways to make money.

And who knows where that might lead?

One thing that WON'T work is waiting around for a money, or money opportunities, to land in your lap.

They're out there.

But you have to look.

And to see them, you need to remove your money-blinders.

The limiting beliefs that ONLY allow you to see things your subconscious thinks you are worthy of.

Start removing your money beliefs, and you'll see a whole new world out there.

Get Started:


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