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The Biggest Scam of All


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I'm always interested in new documentaries.

But I saw one the other day that looked interesting at first.

But then when I read what it was about, a I gave it a pass.

The entire 90 minute documentary was about folks who believe the Earth is really flat.

That the "world is round" idea is a huge conspiracy.

Now, watching a 5 minute video on that might be interesting.

But listening to an hour and a half of flat earth arguments doesn't sound so compelling.

There are, however, huge conspiracies.

But they are very, very simple.

And most wide-spread conspiracies all have ONE common theme.

And that is they are something people are WILLING to believe.

We humans believe things because we BENEFIT from the belief.

Consider PT Barnum's most famous saying.

That there is a sucker born every minute.

A "sucker" requires two people.

The con artist, and the sucker.

The con artist must create a believable con.

But to be believable, it requires a sucker.

And suckers ARE suckers BECAUSE they are willing to believe something that is TOO GOOD to be true.

The corollary to the "sucker born every minute" angle is that you CANNOT CON an HONEST MAN.

No matter enticing a con is, it won't trick an honest man.

What is it about honest people that make them very hard to con?

What, exactly, does it mean by "honest."

Perhaps they believe in an honest day's work for an honest day's pay.

And when the con says you can get something for "free" or without doing any work, they smell a rat.

They don't believe you can CHEAT your way to riches.

Because they KNOW that all money MUST come from other people.

People who pay money voluntarily.

And when people pay money voluntarily, they expect something in return.

So when the con artist comes around promising any kind of "free money" the "honest man" know's it CAN'T be true.

That it's impossible to do "nothing" and expect to sit back and get paid.

Because NOBODY in their right mind would pay money and EXPECT nothing in return.

This is why most CONS about money REQUIRE two sides.

The cons, and the suckers.

One of the biggest money CONS is that money is EVIL.

It benefits the cons, because once they get plenty of money, and they convince everybody that money is evil, they don't have to worry about competition.

But why would people willingly believe that money is evil?

Because for most people, making money is scary.

Making money is hard work.

Willingly believing it is EVIL is an easy OUT.

If we believe money is evil, then it absolves us of doing the work to GET MONEY.

But if you understand money, and eliminate negative money beliefs, making money will be fun.

Sure, it will involve hard work.

But it won't be scary.

Learn How:


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