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Once upon a time, there was no money.

Now there is tons of money.

Even in the last few years, there has been a lot of NEW money.


Invented essentially from scratch.

Every day in the FOREX markets, there are trillions of dollars traded.

Your blood cells go around your body.

They pick up energy in the form of food and oxygen.

Deliver the energy to the cells that need it.

And then they turn around and transport the waste out.

Without blood, and the cells within it, you'd be dead.

Money serves the same purpose.

Goods flow around the world one way.

Money flows the other way.

They say that as long as goods and money are flowing across borders, there's no reason for war.

War only happens once money and goods STOP flowing.

The flow of money around the world keeps the world healthy and thriving.

As soon as money stops flowing, problems start, and people die.

As soon as blood stops flowing, problems start and YOU die.

When bears get ready for the winter, they store energy in the form of body fat.

When ancient societies got ready for the winter, they stored energy in the from of grain.

Now we humans can get ready for ANY span of time when we DON'T want to work by storing energy.

This energy, of course, is money.

You put a bunch of people together with a bunch of skills, and they'll INVENT a form of money.

Sometimes they use cigarettes.

Sometimes they use cases of soda.

Sometimes they use shells, or salt, or gold or silver.

When love to think of ourselves as individuals.

But we are also very social animals.

With a whole bunch of social instincts.

Consider that one our MOST IMPORTANT social instinct is to make stuff.

Or help make stuff, and then trade that stuff for money.

The more money you get, the more stuff you can get.

With everybody making stuff and selling it to each other, the amount of stuff increases.

And the amount of money increases.

This has been happening ever since they first invented coins, back in a few hundred BC.

The amount of stuff has been increasing ever since.

The amount of money has been increasing ever since.

If aliens were studying humans, they'd see we have two purposes.

To make stuff and make money.

But since would see us trading stuff for money and money for stuff, they would see MONEY as the energy of earth.

This is your destiny.

To make money.

Get Started:


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