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How To Build Inner Game


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Imagine two fighters.

Boxers if you will.

One guy has spent tons of time practicing lots of techniques.

The other guy, not so much.

But the first guy, with all the moves, is in very terrible condition.

He is barely able to stand up after a couple minutes.

He's so exhausted, he hangs on to the other fighter for dear life.

But the second fighter, the guy who has very little techniques is in VERY good shape.

He can dance and around and bounce on his feet for a full twelve rounds.

Who do you think would win the fight?

Unless the first guy got lucky, he would be too tired to do much.

None of his advanced techniques would do squat if he was too tired to lift his arms.

When it comes to any kind of martial art, it's clear that physical conditioning is as important, if not more, than the actual fighting techniques.

Now, this metaphor is not entirely realistic.

Because it would be hard to practice fighting techniques without also getting into shape.

So we can imagine another pair of fighters.

This time, their skills are equal.

But one guy is in WAY better shape than the other guy.

Obviously, the guy who was in better shape would win.

What's this got to do with anything?

When it comes to social behavior, interactive social behavior, there is inner game, and outer game.

Outer game is kind of like the technical skills.

Knowing what to say, and how to say it.

Inner game is much more like physical conditioning.

In a fighting metaphor, if you are too tired, you can't really use any of your technical skills.

In a social situation, a weak inner game means you'll be spending A LOT of brainpower being worried or anxious.

So any of the stuff you practiced before won't to mind.

This is EXACTLY what happens when you practice a speech until you've got it down PERFECTLY.

But then when you stand up to give it, it VANISHES from your brain.

Your brain essentially freezes.

This is why having solid inner game is much, much more important than any outer game techniques.

But most people don't pay much attention to inner game.

Since most people don't know HOW to strengthen their inner game.

Most people simply assume that stronger inner game comes from experience.

But this is incorrect.

In fact, there are plenty of ways to build up a rock solid inner game, just like you could build up rock solid conditioning.

You can do this alone, without needing to interact with anybody.

And the longer you practice, the stronger your inner game will be.

Learn How:


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