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Create A Positive Charisma Cycle


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One way to understand attractive personalities is to think in terms of ancient societies.

Our brains, bodies and instincts are the same as they were tens of thousands of years ago.

We humans just don't evolve very quickly.

So, what personality characteristics are MOST attractive?

The biggest problem in ancient societies was getting enough food.

Of handling problems that came up during that process.

Back then, you HAD to be productive.

You had to be able to get stuff done.

And the more stuff you could get done, the more TRUE CONFIDENCE you would radiate.

Not confidence based on anything fake.

Confidence based on real memories of real experiences where you were successful.

This may not be something you want to hear, but humans send and receive a TON of information via subconscious body language.

So if you truly FEEL confident, everybody is going to know.

If you are trying to fake confidence, it may work for a little while, but it won't last through a conversation.

This is exactly WHY girls test guys.

To see if their confidence is REAL or FAKE.

Just that she's testing you is a bad sign.

If she is testing you, her subconscious DOUBTS your confidence.

But it's easy to create REAL confidence, even if you don't feel it.

At least right now.

The trick is not to conjure it up in the moment.

This is the FAKE confidence that invites frame tests.

Real confidence can be built using ONLY the memories in your brain.

It takes time, but it is VERY POWERFUL.

You can do this with any emotional state you want.

Even building in various switches for various emotional states.

People that are naturally charismatic and outgoing do this NATURALLY.

Meaning they NATURALLY recall and reference positive memories.

This creates a string of positive experiences.

Which keeps the whole positive charisma cycle going.

You can, however, jump start this process.

Kind of like priming a pump.

Just take some time, find plenty of decent memories and PURPOSELY reference those.

And you can create that SAME outgoing, friendly, charismatic attitude.

This is THE most important thing.

It only seems like it's not because so FEW people have this natural, outgoing charm.

But when you take the time to build it, you'll see.

Once you have a collection of positive inner game states, layering some outer game behaviors on top will be EASY.

Making you the most attractive person around.

Learn How:


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