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Kicked Out Of Chemistry Class


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Expanding conversational skills can leading to growing social circles.

And if you are going to grow your social circles, you'll need a place to keep them.

The thing about social circles is that most people have NO IDEA how big they can get.

Which means if you have a small one to start off with, you might need to switch to a bigger container.

And interesting thing about expanding social circles is they can lead unexpected opportunities.

Of course, unexpected opportunities differ from expected opportunities.

Expected opportunities tend to turn out differently than we think, which makes them unexpected but in a different way.

Compared to your normal, run of the mill unexpected opportunities which just  normally pop up when you least expect them.

Which isn't really that normal.

Since being normal is only doing what is expected.

Of course if you ONLY do what is expected, that presupposes there's a group of people out there who have a bunch of expectations.

Kind of selfish of them to hog all the expectations.

You'd think they'd share some of them with the rest of us.

Then we could ALL have some expectations.

Then we might get together and trade expectations like baseball cards.

And then you might get some expectations that might not be worth much in their rookie year.

But then they might turn out to be a super star.

And THOSE expectations might turn out to be worth a pretty penny!

I once knew a girl named Penny, but she wasn't pretty.

I mean she was cute, but I wouldn't go so far as to call her pretty.

I didn't really EVER have to go very far, since she lived next door.

Next door neighbors can be a mixed blessing.

Of course, mixing blessings CAN be dangerous.

Kind of like in chemistry class.

When our teacher specifically told us to NOT mix two jars of chemicals.

Me, being the kid I was, decided to mix them just to see what the big deal was.

What happened was I got kicked out of chemistry class.

Not the reaction I was expecting.

I was expecting AT LEAST some smoke or something.

Maybe an explosion.

Developing an explosive sense of humor can REALLY help you be a hit at parties.

Or anywhere you WANT a party to be.

Some people ONLY go where previously planned parties are expected to happen.

Other people have learned how to MAKE parties happen.

Anywhere they happen to be.

Which can be YOU if you play your cards right.

Of course, you don't really need cards.

Just your brain.

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