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There's a lot of math problems floating around online.

They usually have a catchy title.

Like, "90% of adults fail this third grade math problem."

One I've seen a few times involves something called "order of operations."

Say you've got a math problem with some addition signs, subtraction signs, multiplication signs and division signs.

According to the strict rules of math, you MUST do them in the correct order.

Otherwise you'll get the wrong answer.

This is why many adults will "fail" those third grade problems.

Because adults will FORGET the correct "order of operations."

For example, consider the following math problem:


You're supposed to do the 3x7 BEFORE you add the other 3.

If you do them from left to right, like reading, and add the two 3s's and THEN multiply by 7, you'll get the wrong answer.

But in English, this order of operations doesn't exist.

It's only assumed.

But this means you can have a LOT of fun.

For example, say you went to a party.

And somebody asked how it was.

And you reported:

There were a lot of pretty girls and people there.

Most people would naturally assume the correct meaning.

That there were a lot of people.

And AMONG those people were some pretty girls.

But you can misinterpret that on purpose.

And assume that the group of "pretty girls" and the group of "people" are two different groups.

So you might reply:

"And the pretty girls, they were aliens or something?"

When you learn to pay attention to the potential ambiguity in EVERYDAY speech, you can have a lot of fun.

See, it's one thing to drop jokes.

You say something funny, and people laugh.

And then that's that.

But when you purposely reframe ambiguity, it also INVITES other people to participate in.

To PLAY ALONG with the joke.

For example, in the pretty girls and people joke, you can EASILY go off on how "pretty girls" are a completely different species.

Like they're from another planet, etc.

This is the REAL SKILL of world class party humor.

It's the kind of humor that can involve EVERYBODY.

Not just some goof standing there hogging all the attention.

And with the right inner game, you can covertly create a HUMOR CONTEST where everybody is trying to come up with the CRAZIEST examples.

On whatever reframe you just dropped.

All it takes is a little tweaking of how you view language.

Do this and people will LOVE to have you around.

Learn How:


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