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Imagine if a rich person reached out to you.

They wanted to do some kind of experiment.

Maybe a new reality show or something.

Every day, they'd give you a stack of $100's.

All you had to do was hand them out.

Walk up, introduce yourself, hand them a c-note, and bounce.

For every person that accepted a hundred bucks, you'd get $20.

Would that be fun?

Would that be easy?

Or would you be worried about getting rejected?

Here's another mind experiment.

Imagine you were hosting a party.

But the only people coming were shy introverts.

One new person would come every fifteen minutes.

And as soon as they came in, you'd have to talk to them and find out certain things about them.

And for every two people you introduced, and got a conversation flowing between them, you'd get $1,000.

Meaning you'd have to find enough about each introverted party guest to introduce one shy introvert to another, and convince them they had enough in common to have a friendly conversation.

Would you be able to do this?

Or would you be too worried to start a conversation?

The meaning of these goofy mind experiments is that once you put enough INCENTIVE into anything, it can seem easy.

Walking up to people and introducing yourself to give out money seems easy.

But walking up to people just to say hey seems difficult.

But why would it?

Imagine somebody says hey to you while waiting in line.

They aren't trying to pick you up.

They aren't trying to sell you anything.

They're just saying hey.

Would you be angry?

Would they be interrupting your important thoughts about what you were having for dinner that night? 

Or watching on TV?

What about the party host idea?

Talking to people enough to find out information, so you can introduce them to other people seems EASY if you are going to get paid.

But why not just to enjoy talking to people?

Most people enjoy conversations.

Humans are very social animals.

Unless you are going to OVERTLY seduce or sell somebody, most people WELCOME a friendly conversation.

But you can do much, much more than have a friendly conversation.

You can learn to talk to people so they NEVER forget you.

So they always remember.

Not as that weird or awkward person, but as they cool party person.

The one they want to see again.

Learn How:


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