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Book Recommendation Please...


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Hello Everyone,

 I'm a brand new member and I have a specific area of need. George has Many different Books that address many different subjects.

I am asking for anyone or George himself to give me a recommendation as to what Book I should read for my need at this time.

I am in Sales and I do Phone Sales Exclusively....Its a one-call. one-close scenario.

Cold-Calling is the name of the game for me.

I'm selling Text-Message-Marking Services to Exclusively "For-Sale-By-Owner"...Homeowners.

I need to get their attention and in the buying mode within Minutes!

Instead of going thru the list of Features and Benefits...(Old Model).

I was leaning towards the Book: "Sell Anything to Anybody" But, there are other books on Persuasion that I thought might be what I need.

So, I am asking for some feedback and advice to you all here....Let me know what you all suggest and Thank you!


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SATA (sell anything to anybody) would be a good start.

Whichever method you used, you would have to first establish enough rapport so that you could elicit their criteria, and expand it using the techniques in the guide.

But understand that most cold calling situations are highly dependent on scripts, numbers, and the personality of the sales agent and the client.

Companies that decide to use a one-call cold call approach very much understand the numbers game AND pareto (80-20) meaning most sales will be made by a few agents.

That being said, if you CAN establish any rapport away from any script, and get them talking about what THEY want (and not slamming them with features and benefits) SATA will take you a ways. The LONGER you can talk to them about what THEY want, the better.

Give it a try, it's only $3!

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