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Imagine you were just about to walk into a party.

And RIGHT before you opened the door, a super sexy person gave you a super sexy look.

That would put you in a very GOOD mood.

On the other hand, imagine the opposite.

Right when you were about to walk into a party, a dog came up and peed on your leg.

And the dog's owner, and all her friends, stood their laughing.

That would put you in a very BAD mood.

Most people accept this as normal.

Stuff happens OUTSIDE of us.

Then that puts us in a certain mood.

That certain mood affects our behavior.

Which affects the stuff around us.

The people, etc.

That can either KEEP us in a bad mood, or KEEP us in a good mood.

If we happen to run into a string of GOOD things happening around us, we'll be in a GOOD mood.

On the other hand, if we run into a string of BAD things happening around us, we'll be in a BAD mood.

We say we're having a BAD day.

Or we're having a GOOD day.

But here's the thing.

It's not really the THINGS that are happening around us.

Once they happen, they are OVER.

But their memory lingers for a while.

In a sense, our conscious is a never-ending stream of what is happening, what we THINK is about to happen, and what just HAPPENED.

And what JUST HAPPENED is projected forward slightly, affecting the events AS they happen.

But we CAN have a huge amount of control over this.

It's not based on magic, or metaphysics.

Any more than doing pushups would make you stronger.

Or running every day would burn body fat.

If you PRACTICE remembering certain things, you can build up the STRENGTH of those memories.

Build them up strong enough, and you can recall them whenever you want.

So much that they can OVERPOWER anything that is happening around you.

Putting you in such a good mood, that YOU become the CAUSE.

And everybody else's mood will be an effect.

Giving you the power to CHANGE the mood of everybody around you.

What kind of memories do you want to recall?

What kind of feelings do you want to HAVE whenever you want them?

Any kind you want.

So long as you are willing to build them, you will have them.

You can build them as STRONG as you want.

There is NO upper limit.

Any feeling, any time, anywhere.

A frame so strong that EVERYBODY wants in.

Learn How:


Till next time,

George Hutton

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