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Being an entertainer is a valuable skill.

Most of PUA tactics include demonstrating value.

The bulk of the Mystery Method involves doing various bar tricks.

Magic tricks, sleight of hand tricks, etc.

They all have the same thing in common.

Of the person you are trying to impress not needing to do anything.

If you have plenty of tricks up your sleeve, this can be a fantastic way of standing out.

Since most goofs CAN'T, even a couple of tactics can work wonders.

But they do have their drawbacks.

For one, if you happen to REALLY hit if off with somebody, you'll eventually run out of material.

Once the REAL YOU comes up, it might not be the same.

If you've ever seen famous comedians or actors when they are NOT being filmed or interviewed, they are MUCH DIFFERENT than on stage.

Of course, if you're ONLY after hit-and-run fun, then having a half hour of material is really all you need.

Show up, demonstrate value, pick your prize and have fun.

However, if you want to develop deeper relationships, you'll need to be MORE than an entertainer.

This is the other half of being socially outgoing that most people miss.

There's a lot more than just showing up and entertaining the crowd.

The flip side is how comfortable you make others feel.

If you can not only tell a few jokes, and create good feelings, but also help shy folks come out of their shell, you'll be head and shoulders above any one-trick pony.

And it turns out that easing others out of their shell is pretty easy.

Even better, the longer you do it, the easier it gets.

It's opposite being an entertainer type.

The longer you entertain, the HARDER it gets.

People start to build expectations.

That's why it's usually only good for short term fun.

But if you want to create REAL relationships, with friends, lovers, and everybody in between, then having the "make others feel comfortable around you" skill is a definite plus.

It's easy to learn, and easy to do.

And after you practice it for just a few minutes, they'll actually remember YOU much more than the tricksters.


Because EVERYBODY can enjoy the trickster.

They do the same tricks for EVERYBODY.

But when you flip the script, and find out what's important about ONE person in particular, then they KNOW you are focused ONLY on them.

Which means they'll remember you much, much longer than anybody who's telling jokes or doing magic tricks.

Learn How:


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