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A common human curse is to think of the PERFECT think to say, but way too late.

The trick of using humor effectively is you not only need to have something clever to say, but you gotta say it quick.

Whenever somebody says something, and it has humor potential, that humor potential has a VERY SHORT half-life.

Maybe a second or two.

If you the right thing, but not quick enough, it will be lame instead of funny.

It's like our brains only keep the most recently said things.

And you must say the funny part while those thought patterns are still resonating.

Recognizing you COULD have said something, but didn't is ONLY the first step.

There is a scene from the movie, "8 Mile," where the main character (played by Eminem) is riding on a bus.

While he was looking out the window, he was busily scribbling potential rhymes to be used in upcoming rap battles.

Copywriters keep something called a "swipe file." 

Any time they hear or read anything interesting, a metaphor, simile, colorful adjective phrase, they write it down.

If you want to be fast with the funny, you've got to do the same.

It's not something many people think about.

And it's certainly not something you'd talk about.

But consider keeping a WRITTEN file of clever comebacks and witty sayings.

This will keep you ready when the time comes.

Another way to prepare is to take a few minutes every night, and write down the things you heard.

And then when you've got ZERO pressure, think of some ways you could have REFRAMED those statements.

When you combine these two ideas, you'll soon develop some POWERFUL and very funny comebacks.


Because most people talk about the same stuff.

Most people have the same basic collection of statements and descriptions they use when they talk about the same things.

So when you tune your brain to find useful comebacks, AND spend some time looking at the statements you hear, after the fact, this will build into a pretty powerful skill.

Is it a lot of work?

Not really. 

A few extra minutes every day.

Is it being "fake" or "not genuine?"

Not if you practice to the point of unconscious competence.

A fat guy eating burgers on the couch is being real.

The same guy a year later who runs five miles a day is also being real.

The more you TRAIN (mind or body or language), the better you'll get.

All while maintaining a sense of the real you.

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