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How To Develop A Sense of Humor


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A common desire for more people is to be funnier.

To develop a "sense" of humor.

That word, "sense" is a clue on what humor really is.

When we "sense" something, we perceive something OUTSIDE of ourselves.

So having a "sense" of humor indicates you can PERCEIVE not only joke opportunities, but the energy that is most receptive to joke energy.

This means not only being able to read the energy, but having the linguistic dexterity to USE whatever people are saying, and flip it around into a joke.

Something funny.

If you NEVER take any time to learn how to do this, you'll have the same ideas everybody else has.

Namely that "some people" are naturally funny, and "some people" naturally aren't.

But one very POWERFUL reframe about is that ANYTHING can be perceived as a skill.

Which means that ANYTHING can be improved.

The trick is to figure out the smallest things to practice.

And when it comes to having a sense of humor, there are two basic areas.

One is "inner game" and the other is "outer game."

When it comes to reading the energy, this is paradoxically an inner game skill.

The reason most people can't read energy is NOT because they lack "energy reading skills."

It is because they are WASTING too much energy being nervous and anxious.

This is why for most of us, it's MUCH EASIER to read the energy when we're around friends and family.

But if you practice some very easy inner game exercises, pretty soon you'll feel JUST as comfortable around strangers as you do your best friends.

Once you build up your inner game, then it's a matter of developing the outer game linguistic skills of humor.

Turns out that HUMOR and HYPNOSIS are very closely related.

Conversational hypnosis is based on a lot of AMBIGUITY.

When you speak in purposely vague language, so the listener fills in the blanks on their own.

And feels much more "ownership" of the message, since it's mostly THEIR content they filled in the blanks with.

But it turns out that using ambiguity for humor is MUCH EASIER.

Using ambiguity for convert hypnosis takes a lot of practice.

But using ambiguity for humor requires ONLY a few one-line reframes.

Take anything they said, and reframe it to mean something silly.

Combine this easy, external game linguistic skill with your inner game exercises and you can develop a very POWERFUL sense of humor.

As strong as you want.

Learn How:


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