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Build Up Your Playful Muscle


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What's it like when you have fun?

When you are relaxing with friends?

One necessary element is that you feel relaxed, open and playful.

Most folks are dependent on their environment to create this state.

This is why have friends.

We choose people we get along with.

People we naturally vibe with.

We also go places where it's easy to have fun.

On the other hand, if you go to strange places alone, it's very difficult to feel relaxed, open and playful.

Any given person can be a playful extrovert in some situations, and a shy wallflower in other situations.

It's completely normal to be quite and reserved at first.

And then slowly become friendlier and more comfortable.

We all tend to believe we are "shy" at first, but when you "get to know us" you'll find out how "cool" we are.

This kind of puts the burden on the other person.

We leave it up to THEM to get to know us.

What if we could flip the switch?

Most people feel the environment is the CAUSE and our inner state is the EFFECT.

When we are around familiar people and in a familiar situation, that familiar EXTERNAL environment will CAUSE a familiar feeling.

On the other hand, when we are in a strange environment and all by our lonesome, that UNFAMILIAR environment will CAUSE an unfamiliar feeling.

But you can flip this natural polarity.

So you can CHOOSE any internal state you want.

And YOU can be a CAUSE and the environment will be the effect.

This you can choose to feel natural and outgoing.

If you feel natural and outgoing, so will everybody around you.

If you feel playful and extroverted, so will everybody around you.

This takes practice.

Very much like doing situps and pushups.

And just like situps and pushups, the MORE you practice, the stronger and more INSTANT you can choose any state.

How do you practice?

By doing mental rehearsal exercises.

Journaling exercises.

Five, ten minutes a day.

Do them consistently, and you can be the LIFE of any party.

Even in non-party situations.

Like when you see an attractive person.

Or you just want to goof off while passing the time in line at the supermarket.

Or anywhere else.

This has NOTHING to do with "faking it till you make it" or any other silly advice.

This is exercise for your emotional state.

And it works just like exercise for your physical state.

This means you can build ANY inner state as STRONG as you want.

Learn How:


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