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Burrito Parties And More


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Many things come in two's.

Night and day.

Eating and digesting.

Being awake and being asleep.

Work and leisure.

In economics, they classify all behaviors into two categories.

Labor and leisure.

Labor is a DISUTILITY.

Which means it kind of sucks.

Leisure is a UTILTIY.

Which means it DOESN'T suck.

We LIKE leisure.

We don't like labor.

We only DO labor so we can enjoy our leisure.

Both can be improved.

If you can improve your "labor skills" you can make more money.

Have a better and more rewarding career.

Live in a better neighborhood, have sexier friends.

But what about leisure?

For most folks, leisure simply means turning ON the TV, and turning OFF your brain.

That IS easy.

That IS enjoyable.

Especially if you have a couple six packs and a sack of burritos.

And if there's some good TV on, life couldn't be better.



Lucky for us, your leisure skills CAN be improved just like your labor skills.

What does this mean?

Becoming more efficient with the remote control?

Finding ever more delicious burrito shops?

Well, that would be a start.

Nothing wrong with wandering the Earth searching for the perfect burrito.

But having fun is more fun when there are other people.

After all, having a burrito-TV-beer party is more fun with friends that it is alone.

Anything is better with close friends than it is alone.

And the more you INTERACT with those friends, the more fun you'll have.

The more easily you can interact with PEOPLE in general, the more fun you'll have.

Turns out there is a WHOLE BUNCH of social skills you can use ONLY for having fun.

When work is done and your boss is out of your mind.

What kind of skills?

Party skills.

Joke telling skills.

On the spot humor skills.

Story telling and anecdote skills.

Super outgoing confident and playful skills.

Turns out you can build up these PARTY SKILLS just as much as you can build any other skill.

So much that you can be the life of ANY party.

Even if there isn't a party.

Waiting for the bus, standing in line at the supermarket, flirting with baristas and waitresses and bartenders and shop clerks.

With enough party skills you can MAKE a party happen anywhere.

And with anybody.

Learn How:


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