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Silver Clouds and Lemonade


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Reframing is a very powerful skill.

And it can be used in many, many ways.

The most common is in the moment.

Somebody throws a playful insult your way, you reframe it and toss it back.

Of course, reframes don't always help us.

We sometimes turn a weakness into a strength.

So we don't to suffer any ego pain.

For example, a guy spots a pretty girl across the room.

He wants to approach her, but loses his nerve.

Instead of admitting the truth, that he wants to approach her but he's too nervous, he reframes it into a positive.

To protect his ego.

He "notices" something about the girl.

Which in itself is another reframe.

He uses that "meaning" as a positive reason NOT to approach.

For example, she might be wearing a tight dress.

Which he reframes to be a BAD thing.

To mean she's not a "good" girl.

And since he ONLY wants to date "good" girls, he DOESN'T approach.

The funny thing it was the tight dress he noticed in the first place.

That SAME THING that created the desire, was used to reframe the event to protect his ego.

This is the mental gymnastics our brains do all the time.

Another common reframe is when we PURPOSELY take a bad event and try to find something GOOD about it.

Like how every cloud has a silver lining.

The "silver lining" is the good reframe about a bad event, the cloud.

Or turning lemons into lemonade.

When life gives you lemons (bad things) you reframe them into good things (lemonade).

Generally speaking, when reframes happen unconsciously, we do them to protect our ego.

The more you can reframe things consciously, the more you can choose whatever meaning you want.

This takes mental skills. 

Mental practice.

And it requires you KNOW what you want out of life.

Beyond general things like more money and more sex.

That you have a direction.

And you've been on that path for a while.

The LONGER you are on any path toward bigger and better things, the better you'll be at reframing clouds into silver linings and lemons into lemonade.

Because just like an ancient traveler, you might have a destination in mind, but not be quite sure HOW to get there.

So long as you keep moving forward, you'll get there.

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