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Coal, Energy And Human Potential


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All humans come pre-programmed with massive potential.

But it is ONLY potential.

Some people have a head start, some don't.

For example, coal, as it is buried in the ground, can be interpreted as potential energy.

If you dig up the coal, and burn it to boil water, the steam can turn things around do work.

Like power locomotives or create electricity.

But some coal is easy to get, some coal is hard to get.

Human potential is the same.

Some are born with potential that is very easy to access.

Their natural skills are very close to skills that are in-demand, and can make them a lot of money.

Attractiveness, athleticism, a beautiful singing voice, acting skills, etc.

Some have skills that are more deeply buried.

They take more work to get out.

But once they are OUT, they are just as valuable as those who come with much more valuable factory settings.

But those with more deeply buried potential actually have an advantage.

Those with valuable factory settings don't have much of a choice.

Suppose a kid was born with a gorgeous singing voice.

All through school, they were encouraged to enhance their singing voice.

If they had positive role models and coaches, they'd have a million dollar career by the time they were in the late teens or early twenties.

So far so good, right?

But what happens if they realized along the way they didn't really WANT to be a singer?

They wouldn't really have much of a choice.

On the other hand, normal people with much more deeply buried potential, would have a lot more choice in how they SHAPE their potential.

This is where the coal metaphor is only a metaphor.

Coal is coal, no matter how deeply or shallowly it's buried.

Once you get it out of the ground, there's only a few ways you can use it.

But raw human potential, the deeper it is, the more CHOICE you have with how you shape it AS you bring it out.

This DOES require that you actually take the time to "bring it out."

What does this mean, exactly?

To "bring it out?"

It means to slowly develop skills.

In demand skills that will get you paid and make your life easier and more enjoyable.

Social skill, communication skills, thinking skills, creating skills.

The more you develop this LONG GAME skills, the more choice you'll have with your potential.


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