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The Common Irrational Reframe


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One of the biggest stumbling blocks is our natural inability to live with uncertainty.

This "fear" comes across in many ways.

We have a ton of biases, things that filter out things our subconscious doesn't want us to see.

Cognitive dissonance is a general term for many of these.

There is something in our environment, or a certain interpretation of something in our environment, that represents DANGER to our ego.

So our cognitive dissonance, or a collection of biases, KEEPS US from seeing that.

Any time we can avoid admitting that we SUCK, or we MIGHT SUCK, this pops up.

And our brains are VERY CLEVER and VERY SLIPPERY in how it manifests this.

For example, you'll read about a "strategy."

Usually a strategy that is based on some kind of social interaction.

A complex social interaction that will either get you affection or money.

The TWO THINGS that are the most important.

Since they (money and sex) represent survival and reproduction.

But if the strategy involves ANY KIND of uncertainty, this can be very troubling.

Our lightning fast subconscious will extrapolate.

We'll imagine trying that strategy, and failing.

And that means if we fail, we WILL NEVER get money or sex.

Since this represents a huge FAILURE on a deep level, we don't even ALLOW OURSELVES to contemplate this.

So we REFRAME our fears into strengths.

And we do this on a SUBCONSCIOUS level, so we don't even know we are doing this.

This usually comes across consciously as being skeptical.

We express this "healthy skepticism" as wanting PROOF that the strategy works.

After all, only a MORON would rush forward and try something so foolish, right?

At least this is what we tell ourselves.

Unfortunately, with a little bit of uncomfortable SCIENTIFIC LOGIC, this need for proof is actually IRRATIONAL.

See, if there was any PROOF that any money or romantic strategy worked, that would mean some IMPOSSIBLE THINGS.

For one, the OTHER PEOPLE we would be using these strategies on would be ROBOTS.

If we could see ONE PERSON using a strategy, and we expected ourselves to use that exact same strategy, and get the exact same results, that would also mean that WE are robots.

The truth is that EVERY interaction between any two humans involves a TON of uncountable and immeasurable variables.

You have the same conversation with the same person on two different days, and you'll get two different results.

Two different people try the same pick up line on the same girl, and they'll both get different results.

So the idea of waiting for "proof" is illogical.

And it ONLY serves to protect your ego.

The real secret to getting anything is to TRY SOMETHING.

Something where you DON'T KNOW what is going to happen.

This is the only real way to learn anything.

Fortunately, most people are TERRIFIED of doing this.

Which means if YOU can, and do it consistently, you will CLEAN UP.

Money, love, success, whatever you want.

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