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If you learn something that's helpful in one context, it's sometimes not so helpful in another context.

Once my friend talked me into going snowboarding.

I had done a lot of skateboarding when I was younger.

I mistakenly assumed they would be similar.

It took me a long time to get from the top to the bottom.

Even though it LOOKED the same, it was completely different.

Very rarely will you get a professional athlete that is skilled in more than one sport.

Plenty of us have baggage from childhood.

We "learn" certain things that are helpful in certain contexts.

But they mess us up as adults.

For example, most kids learn between the ages of 2-3 that is CAN be dangerous to be outgoing and expressive.

So later in adulthood, we WANT to express ourselves, but we feel a deep and barely perceptible anxiety.

This even works with our instincts.

What helped us humans a LONG time ago is a pain today.

Way, way, back in the day, it was a benefit to be hungry.

It was a benefit to eat everything you could whenever you have a chance.

Obviously, that strategy today isn't so helpful.

Today, if you want to stay healthy, you've got to think a little bit about what and how often you eat.

Many of our other instincts are the same.

Helpful back then, not so much today.

One of them is how and who we learn from.

Way back then, and even recently, it was a good strategy to simply copy those older than you.

When you were old enough, you could take over.

But today, that strategy won't work so well.

The skills that were helpful even ten years ago aren't so helpful today.

Just like we need to think about what and how often we eat, we need to think about what we learn.

One of the biggest mistakes is thinking somebody can TELL US what we need to do.

This is very dangerous.

Mainly because it FEELS comfortable.

To be told EXACTLY what to do.

Because if there really WAS a step by step plan for ANYTHING, everybody would be able to do it.

And if EVERYBODY could do it, it wouldn't be worth much.

The trick is to find out on your own what to do.

And how to do it.

This is not easy.

This requires living with a little bit of uncertainty.

It requires SLOWLY expanding your comfort zone.

Many people cannot or will not do this.

Which means if YOU can, you will have a huge advantage.

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