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How To Maximize ROI


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The main objective of any business is a positive ROI.

Doesn't matter if you are selling peanut butter sandwiches, or making jet engines.

ROI means "return on investment."

And since people started selling things to each other, the goal has always been the same.

Spend X dollars on the back end, and make MORE than X dollars on the front end.

If you spend $10 on bread and peanut butter, and make back $20 by selling sandwiches, you've got an ROI of 100%.

On the other hand, if you spend ten bucks on bread and peanut butter, eat one sandwich for every one you sell, and only make back $5, you will have a net LOSS of 50%.

On a pure energy standpoint, we ALL are "programmed" with a positive ROI constraint.

For every 100 calories we expend, we need to get back MORE than 100 calories in energy.

Otherwise we'll die of starvation.

When bears and squirrels get ready for winter, they FATTEN up.

The eat MORE than they need, so they can live off the excess.

Working and saving money is the same idea.

The more money you have saved, the longer you can live without needing work.

The more fat a bear has saved up, the longer it can sleep without needing to eat.

Even when we operate with others, we try to maximize our ROI.

When you are applying for a job, you want to get the MOST money for the LEAST amount of work expected.

If you are hiring somebody, you want to pay them the LEAST amount of money while getting them to do the MOST amount of work.

When you are negotiating a price, as a buyer, you want to get the lowest price.

When you are negotiating a price, as a seller, you want to get the highest price.

Even in a romantic relationship, both parties want to GIVE the least and GET the most.

Every single time you get out and operate within the world, this deep and ancient positive ROI programming is always operating.

There are two basic factors which determine how well you can get an ROI.

One is the amount of "stuff" you have to offer.

Two is your time frame.

It CAN make perfect since to "sacrifice" short term ROI to get much more longer term ROI.

The LONGER you can calculate your "overall" ROI the more flexibility you have.

The less you can do this, the more EASILY you'll be manipulated and exploited by others.

You can't lose the battle to win the war if you can ONLY see the battle.

But the LONGER out you can see, the more short term "losses" can add up to long term success.

Extend your view long enough, and you will win it all.

Learn How:


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