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Build Your Past And Your Future


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When I was a kid I loved geometry.

It was one of the only classes where I actually enjoyed doing the homework.

Particularly the proofs.

Now, I was always a science geek.

I'd always been getting in trouble by doing experiments with things.

But geometry was always fascinating.

Taking a couple of abstract ideas, and then using them to PROVE something else that was equally abstract.

There are a few things in geometry that are simply ASSUMED to be true.

Like two parallel lines won't ever touch.

Or any two points can make a line.

The two-points-make-a-line idea is pretty useful.

It's the one thing that was necessary to figure out how to fix longitude.

Latitude is easy, as it's based on the stars.

But longitude requires being able to accurately measure time.

And something called "dead reckoning."

Which means you have to look behind you and know EXACTLY where you were a certain time period before.

That way you'll have two points, and the time.

This way you can calculate EXACTLY where you are.

AND exactly where you'll be in a certain time, so long as you stay on course.

This is also helpful in personal development.

Imagine, for example, if you just started jogging one year ago.

And one year ago, you could barely walk half a mile.

Now you can run five without stopping.

And you know reasonably well how fast you can run five miles.

You can use the same basic concept.

Look back into your past one year.

And see where you WERE to where you ARE.

This can give you a reasonable expectation of where you'll BE.

The FURTHER back you can look into your past, the FURTHER you'll be able to look into your future.

The trouble comes when you don't have much between a year ago and now.

If a year ago you spent most of your time watching TV and wishing something would change, and TODAY you spend most of your time watching TV and wishing something would change, well....

As soon as you start SOMETHING different, something WILL change.

And do something a little DIFFERENT each day, you'll build flexibility.

The more things you can look back on, the more flexible you're future will be.

So everything you do TODAY will slowly drift into your past.

And so long as you do something DIFFERENT each day, you'll be simultaneously building your past as well as your future.

So, what will YOU do differently today?

Get Started:



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