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Ancient Metaphors and Modern Money


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One way to understand why stories are written is to look at the punchline.

For example, many of Aesop's fables have the punchline clearly spelled out.

The tortoise and the hare, for example, has the clearly stated moral of "slow and steady wins the race."

Another popular one is the ant and the grasshopper.

One guy wants to party, the other guy gets ready for winter.

The guy who gets ready for winter survives.

The guy who only wants to party doesn't.

One of the OLDEST stories in western society evolved from oral traditions.

Stories are passed down orally from generation to generation.

Eventually they are written down.

This story is the CORNERSTONE of western religion.

Namely, the garden of Eden story.

The story goes, once upon a time, we humans had it easy.

But then we got in trouble.

Our "punishment" was the women would suffer the pain of childbirth.

Men would suffer the pain of labor.

Before we got kicked out, getting our needs met was easy.

No work required.

But since we messed up, we now have to WORK for a living.

Even way back in the biblical days people were complaining about going to work.

Economists classify ALL our behavior into two distinct categories.

Labor and leisure.

Leisure is what we WANT to do.

Labor is what we HAVE to do.

We do labor so we can get money so we can enjoy our leisure.

The more money we have, the more we'll enjoy our leisure.

The more money we have, the LONGER we'll enjoy our leisure.

This idea is even built into our biology.

The more "work" we do, more we can "build up our surplus."

Bears do this.

They eat a whole bunch before winter.

So they essentially have STORED LABOR in the form of body fat they can live off when they hibernate.

The more EFFECTIVELY we can do our labor, the more money we'll have.

The trick is to know how to do that.

Lots of skills take time to learn.

Some people spend a few years in college learning skills that end up being useless.

And they have the OPPOSITE of "stored labor."


If leisure is work without labor, debt is work without leisure.

Obviously, it's not EASY figuring out precisely HOW to improve your "labor efficiency."

Clearly, it would be EASY of somebody would just TELL US what we need to do.

But if anybody COULD tell us, they could tell everybody.

And everybody would be doing the same thing.

And that same thing wouldn't be worth much.

The trick is to figure out, ON YOUR OWN, how to BEST use your labor time MOST effectively.

So you can enjoy the best leisure time.

You may even say this is one your purpose.

Learn How:


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