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How To Get Outcome Independence


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One of the most coveted interpersonal "feelings" is one of outcome independence.

Meaning you are totally relaxed in the moment.

The less you seem concerned about the outcome, the more likely you'll get a positive outcome.

For example, let's consider two sales people.

One is VERY HIGHLY dependent on the outcome.

This guy would be extremely worried about NOT making the sale.

Which would make him very aggressive trying to make the sale.

He would come across as pushy and wouldn't take no for an answer.

He might even get angry if customers didn't buy.

On the other hand, consider a guy who didn't mind if he made a sale or not.

Why would he not care?

Perhaps he was truly concerned with customer satisfaction.

He only wanted to sell if the customer wanted to buy.

Or maybe he would get paid no matter what.

One strong reason to be outcome independent is understanding the numbers.

Even if somebody gets paid pure commission, the longer view they take, the easier this will be.

If they KNOW, based on experience, that one out of ten will buy something, they can simply relax.

Instead of seeing every customer and thinking, "I hope they buy!" they'll instead see each customer and think, "Hmm, I wonder if they'll buy."

Talking to a customer from the second frame of mind would be much more relaxing.

Both from the customer's and the salesperson's standpoint.

The LONGER your view, the more you can see each individual interaction as a TINY part in the whole.

The SHORTER your view, the more anxious you'll be.

The more each and every conversation will feel like it's do or die.

There are many ways to cultivate this long view.

One is to have a lot of experience.

Another is to practice seeing EACH interaction as a learning opportunity.

This starts by looking at each interaction AFTER it happens.

And using it as a source of improvement.

The more you do this, the easier it gets.

Pretty soon you'll develop a real time "outcome independent" feeling.

Another way to look at it is where you put your focus.

If you ONLY focus on the short term, you'll ONLY see the short term.

Success is fantastic.

Failure is horrible.

But the LONGER your view, the less each interaction means.

Pretty soon, no matter WHAT happens in the short term, it will FEEL like success.

This will significantly increase your confidence, and your chances of success.

Learn How:


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