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The Meta Skill To Rule The World


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From inside our own brain, life can seem confusing.

But looking at us humans objectively can give us a better perspective.

One way to describe us is "desire satisfying organisms."

We have these things in our brains called desires.

An unfulfilled want.

This propels our mind-body system to interact with the world until we get our desires satisfied.

Sometimes this is easy and automatic.

Like grabbing something out of the fridge.

We can do it mostly on auto-pilot.

Some stuff is complicated.

Like rebuilding an engine.

Takes a lot of time and conscious thought.

Definitely NOT autopilot.

In between our DESIRE and the OUTCOME is our behavior.

These behaviors can be called strategies.

You have a strategy for getting something to eat.

You have a strategy for doing laundry.

Some strategies are fairly simple.

Some are much more complex.

Some strategies are specific to a specific outcome.

Like the strategy you have for doing laundry can't really be applied to fixing your bicycle.

But some strategies are much more "meta."

They can be applied to a whole bunch of different things.

Many folks, for example, see a LOT of overlap between sales and seduction.

A lot of the same language is used.

Opening, closing, cold, warm, etc.

The meta strategy to both sales and seduction would be persuasion.

We can call persuasion a "meta strategy."

As a human, the better you can persuade, the more effectively you'll interact with others.

But we can even go up a meta level.

Even with meta strategies like persuasion.

For example, in persuasion, there is short term strategies, and long term strategies.

If you were selling magazine subscriptions door to door, you would use a very short term strategy.

Give 'em the pitch, and see if they buy.

If they don't, move on to the next one.

If you only got a dollar from each sale, you wouldn't want to waste very much time.

On the other hand, imagine if you were a real estate agent.

Each sale would get you several thousand dollars.

So you'd want to spend a lot longer with each client.

Turns out this same paradigm can be applied to pretty much EVERYTHING.

That this distinction is one of the most important ones of all.

This meta-meta-skill can be applied to ALL skills.

Every. Single. One.

Which meta skill is this?

The long game.

And the longer your game, the more likely you'll achieve your outcomes.

Whatever they are.

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