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Riding Horses In Supermarkets


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A useful statement is that you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink.

A horse is trained to obey the rider.

You pull one way, the horse goes that way.

You pull the other way, the horse goes the other way.

Speed up, slow down, stop, the same structure.

Now, why would a horse be in front of water and NOT drink?

Obviously, because he's not thirsty.

Another way to express this truism is you can kind of manipulate people's actions, but you can't really manipulate their internal desires.

Supermarkets and those who engineer them have been trying for years.

They set up the store so we, the customers, are led wherever they want us to go.

And their entire angle is to try to create buying desire.

Colorful packages, enticing smells, sexy people, TV branding, etc.

These are all designed to lead US to PRODUCTS and make us BUY.

If you put a horse in front of water, he'll only drink if he's thirsty.

Put a human in front of a bunch of products that we really don't need, and it turns out you CAN make us buy.

But that only goes so far.

This is only possible with a HUGE combination of VERY EXPENSIVE elements.

TV advertising, lots of research and development.

Training us to go to the same supermarket over and over.

For individuals, it seems we're stuck with the horse model.

For example, you COULD get a girl to come to your place, but this is NOT going to automatically make her want to jump your bones.

You COULD convince a potential customer to let you in their house so you can give them a twenty minute product pitch.

But it WON'T automatically make them desperate to buy.

However, both of these are locked into the horse model.

The rider of the horse gives the horse EXTERNAL stimulus that changes the horses EXTERNAL behavior.

It does nothing for the horses INTERNAL desires.

When you get a girl to your place, or your demo in front of a customer, it's essentially the same thing.

A bunch of EXTERNAL IDEAS to move their behavior.

But just like the non-thirsty horse, it won't do much for their desires.

Luckily, there is a much easier way.

It's based on absolutely DITCHING the idea of giving them a bunch of external ideas.

And instead, carefully and slowly pulling their desires from the inside out.

And making them bigger and bigger and bigger.

So big they will naturally go after their desires.

And with a little bit of practice, you can carefully build their desires so they'll go WHEREVER you want.

And DO whatever you want.

Learn How:


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