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Assassin Hero Strategy


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One of my favorite movie scenes is from the movie, "Man on Fire," with Denzel Washington.

It's a remake of an earlier movie.

Kind of a common structure.

A washed up assassin takes a job baby sitting a rich family's kid.

Through the relationship with the kid, the hero "re-discovers" his core truth.

Then some bad guys come and kidnap the kid.

The assassin regains his power and kills everybody.

But one scene had Denzel's character walking along side the kid he was baby sitting as she was swimming laps in a pool.

She was training for an upcoming competition.

And he gave her some very sound, "assassin" advice.

The advice is that contrary to what we like to believe, people DO NOT rise to the "occasion."

We don't perform at above average levels when the situation demands.

Instead, the assassin-hero says, we rise to our level of training.

A common reframe we give ourselves is we want to do something, and then we chicken out.

So instead of admitting that we chicken out, we reframe the objective.

We artificially "lower" that which we were too scared to go after.

We say to ourselves that we didn't "really" want that.

If we REALLY wanted it, we would have "risen to the occasion."

This would be like a free-throw shooter who only makes 40% during practice, and thinking he is going to make 80% during the big game.

This is a fantastic movie ending, but real life is a little different.

In real life if you hit 40% during practice, you're likely going to hit 40% during the games.

This is made more difficult by watching highlight reels.

For every bottom of the ninth home run that wins the game in stunning fashion, there are many, many more bottom of the ninth strike-outs.

Consider the idea that "rising to the occasion" is a myth.

A tool our self-deception uses to keep us on the sidelines.

Instead, consider the reality.

Than in every situation, you will rise to your level of training.

So, start training.

How do you "train?"

Every single social situation is an opportunity.

Even if you only watch others, you can train by going home and journaling.

Not only what you DID but what you COULD HAVE DONE.

When you imagine what you COULD HAVE DONE, you are training in new ideas.

Every conversation that you have, whether it ends good or bad, is also a source of training.

The more you train, the better you'll get.

The better you get, the more you'll enjoy it.

The more you enjoy it, the more FUN it will be to train.

Learn How:


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