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Drug Scams and Social Love


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There are a lot of over the counter "drugs" that are marketed for weight loss.

And when it comes to weight loss, there's really ONE way to do it.

You MUST burn more calories than you consume.

This means you can either INCREASE the calories you burn, and keep the calories you consume constant.

Or DECREASE the calories you consume, and keep the calories you burn constant.

Or, of course, any combination.

No matter WHAT kind of pills you take for weight loss, they will do one of those two things.

Some are stimulants, and they speed up your metabolism.

Some are appetite suppressants, and help you consume less.

Some do both.

But some are very tricky, especially how they are marketed.

There was one company that got into trouble a few years back.

Their whole angle was the magical sounding, "Lose weight while you sleep."

Their particular pills were "precursors."

These are building blocks of larger chemicals.

The larger chemicals these precursors allegedly made were human growth hormone, or HGH.

If you get an injection of REAL HGH, it IS like magic.

Increased metabolism, faster healing, etc.

A real fountain of youth.

But the weight loss pill's angle was you'd take these precursor, they would "link up together" in your blood to build HGH.

Then the HGH would do the job of making you lose weight while you slept.

As a half baked idea, it DOES sound pretty convincing.

But as a fully baked idea, it's not really so great.

I would be like dumping all the "precursors" to a building, and waiting for a building to magically appear.

Bricks, cement, lumbar, nails, paint etc.

If you put all that stuff in a pile and waited, NOTHING would happen.

You would need the actual builders to put the stuff together.

And the plans, and somebody to PAY them.

That's why those "lose weight while you sleep" pills never worked, and the company that was marketing them got in trouble with the FCC.

But the idea of precursors IS a good one.

Because no matter WHAT you are building, you NEED the smaller components.

If you are going to make a sandwich, you need bread and peanut butter (or whatever else).

But sandwiches, houses, HGH, these are NON-SENTIENT entities.

When it comes to people, we have these programs that are already running.

Our instincts are ALWAYS driving us to do things.

Eat, sleep, reliever ourselves, get horny, get new stuff.

And since we are EXTREMELY SOCIAL creatures, we have TONS of social instincts.

That's why we LOVE meeting new people.

That's why we LOVE hanging out with friends.

And when you can carefully elicit the right social-instinct-precursors in the right order, that will add up to some POWERFUL social desire.

And you can stick that desire to anything you want.

You, your ideas, your products.


Learn How:



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