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If you can talk a good game, you can go pretty far.

Stand up comics make tons of money by telling stories.

If you learn the basic structure of humor, and learn how to tell a string of essentially basic stories, you can make a lot money.

Of course, learning how to do this takes a lot time.

Most people simply cannot speak very articulately.

Even the "man on the street" TV interviews are rehearsed.

People often misunderstand to be some kind of "fake news conspiracy."

But in reality, the reporters ask the guy or gal some questions, and they practice answering those questions over and over.

Until they can say a fairly articulate and well thought out answer.

A pretty simple rule of thumb is that ANYTHING you see, either on TV, or YouTube, is either practiced, or edited.

Even those goofy videos where they do pick up examples, magic tricks, or just simple questions to show how "dumb" people are, are heavily edited.

They may interact with 20-30 people in a day and then show the 4-5 that look the BEST.

The bottom line is if you walk up to ANYBODY, and expect them to be able to speak cleverly or articulately, you will be disappointed.

This is why walking up and trying to IMPRESS somebody often backfires.

You walk up, say something clever and witty (and rehearsed).

And they feel very much on the spot.

And if they can't respond in kind, it won't be very enjoyable for them.

On the other hand, if instead of trying to impress people with your awesome wit and cleverness, instead make it as EASY as possible on them.

Ask simple questions that are EASY to answer.

The first few should ONLY serve to CREATE an interaction.

Once rapport is established, then start to ask questions about them.

Forget about talking about how awesome you are.

Instead, ask them questions that simply by answering will make them feel good about themselves.

No need to talk about yourself at all.

Which means ANYBODY can do this.

Bling, looks, game, charisma, none of that will matter.

And if you READ their answers, they'll subconsciously tell you EXACTLY the follow up questions you should ask.

So you can keep asking them questions they will ENJOY answering.

Soon they'll be subconsciously associating all those good feelings with you.

Which will make them VERY interested in you.

Learn How:


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