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Finding motivation is a common desire.

There are tons of motivational videos.

Lots of offices have motivational posters.

If you are a decent motivational speaker, you could earn a lot of money.

But motivation might not be the best idea.

Why not?

Motivation is essentially trying to find energy that you don't have.

For example, if you were walking down the street, and you saw a $100 bill on the ground, would you need to motivate yourself to bend over and pick it up?

No, you'd pick it up without even thinking.

Imagine if you just spent the afternoon at the park, running around the track.

Say you'd finished running five miles.

And you'd done your quickest time yet.

There you were, sitting on the park bench.

Completely exhausted.

And then you saw a $100 bill floating by in the breeze.

Would you need to find some hidden "motivation" to reach out and grab it?

Or would you grab it automatically?

The idea of needing motivation is the same as thinking you SHOULD do something, but part of you doesn't want to.

Or part of you wants to, but another part, a STRONGER part, doesn't want to.

We can imagine that we always have a couple parts.

One wanting to do something, and one not wanting to do that thing.

When you AUTOMATICALLY reach over to grab found money, the part that wants it is WAY stronger than the part that doesn't.

So admitting you need "motivation" is admitting that the part that DOESN'T want to take action is STRONGER than the part that wants to take action.

But motivation that comes from speakers, and videos, and songs, and posters is VERY GENERAL.

And it doesn't last long.

The internal motivation, the natural motivation that makes you AUTOMATICALLY pick up money comes from the inside.


Wouldn't it be better, then, to figure out how to make that happen for the stuff you WANT?

Instead of needing songs and seminars and posters?

If you want to be "motivated" to be more outgoing socially, there are some easy exercises that will do the trick.

They won't require you "push yourself," or "fake it until you make it."

It's based on internal thinking.

Observational and journaling.

But slowly building up your NATURAL desire, until you reach that tipping point.

So going over and talking to interesting people is JUST as automatic and natural as picking up money.

Learn How:


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