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Everybody loves deep conversations.

The kind that make you really think.

The kind that stand out in your mind and your memory.

Everybody would like to make an impression on others.

Most do so by trying to be IMPRESSIVE.

Grammatically, this makes perfect sense.

You want to make an impression, so you act and speak impressively.

The idea being that when the conversation is over, they'll remember you.

And they'll remember you by thinking, "Wow, that guy was really IMPRESSIVE."

How would you do this?

Be very clever.

Have a lot of interesting stories and anecdotes.

Be extremely witty and humorous.

Have an extremely strong frame so when they try and poke holes in it, you can easily out frame them.

This is all very possible.

And it is THE most common strategy.

Unfortunately, while it can work like magic, it takes a LOT of practice.

It's all based on YOU.

And how they JUDGE you.

No matter how strong of a "game" you build, you are always presenting yourself to them for approval.

Because this is common, you are essentially COMPETING with everybody else who has this same strategy.

So when you try to IMPRESS somebody, they are comparing you to everybody else who has tried to IMPRESS them.

If you happen to BE a very impressive person, this is pretty easy.

Unfortunately most of us are pretty normal.

Lucky for us, there is a MUCH EASIER way.

A way to leave a much BETTER impression that has NOTHING to do with you.

Nothing to do with your job, your bling, your social status, or even your physical appearance.

And EVERYTHING to do with how you make them FEEL.

How do you do this?

By focusing on STRUCTURE instead of content.

Content is all the THINGS you try to impress them with.

Structure is HOW they think.

HOW they see the world.

It's one thing to ask about them from a content level.

This is essentially Dale Carnegie's advice.

Talk about them instead of you.

Since they are more attracted to ideas about THEM than they are about you.

But when you ask about them from a structure level, it will seem incredibly deep and memorable.

You'll ask them simple questions that get them thinking in ways they've NEVER done before.

And because you'll be covertly eliciting their deep FILTERS, you will know MORE about them in just a few minutes than their best friends.

And when you demonstrate this, they'll be more impressed with you than anybody they've ever met.

Learn How:



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